Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just Need Patterns

I went shopping.  With friends who qualify as "enablers."    It all started out as a day trip down to the North Coast Knitters meeting to hear Tanya Alpert speak.  
You might know Tanya from her recently published book Haiku Knits.  Check out Tanya, her book and store here.  I have been working on Tanya's Riverbed - last post is this one.   We decided to check out Tanya's shop in Solano Beach before the meeting.  What can I say but "Score!"  There are absolutely no plans for any of the purchases.  Guess I'll be looking for patterns pretty soon.  

  • Fiesta from Manetto Hill Yarnery in color 8025 - 575 meters on SALE for 40% off.
  • Blue Heron Cotton/Rayon seed in Dusk.  Not on sale, but somehow it appeared at the counter and I said, "why yes!  I'll take this also"
  • Silky Merino from malabrigo in Vigo 470 - 200 grams.  Gotta love anything malabrigo.  Can't go wrong even if it hangs out for a while before deciding what it wants to become.
  • Organic Cotton dk from Sublime in shade 143 - 770 meters that will probably end up being worn by a daughter.  
And an update on the making of Riverbed.  Sleeves are almost completed.  The fun part of going to Tanya's shop was taking a good long look at the original.   Actually, taking a good long look at many original works of art.  If you are fortunate enough to be in soCal, go down and visit with her.  You will be inspired.


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I'll have to check out that guild someday...especially after hearing the stories you told about it today. That shawl sounded fabulous! That shop has been on my list of yarn stores to visit too. :-)

  2. Why I don't see a thing wrong with enablers -that's something you share with your yarn buddies. Glad you had a fun day!