Monday, January 18, 2010

Addicted To The Letters C & O

That's right.  I Cast On for another project.   I figure it is OK because I finished Maggie Mae and another K2Tog scarf.  Not only finished two items, but it is quite possible that the math and pattern writing for Maggie Mae is done correctly.  Only thing left to do is find a willing guinea pig or two to test the pattern.

But, I digress.  On to the new!

This is Soleil by Alexandra Virgiel from Knitty (Spring 2005) and can be found here.

The pattern calls for three repeats of the lace edging, but I've only done two.  No reason, just felt like it.

What you see is Cascade Venezia in color 169.  Venezia is 70/30 merino/silk.   This is a perfect blend for wearing under a suit jacket year round here in southern California and it works well for much of the year elsewhere around the globe.    The pattern is designed with waist shaping for those who like zero ease. 

Try clicking on the photo to make larger.  Can you see the stitch marker?

Tip of the day:  put a "B" marker at the beginning of the round.   That's my tip and that is about as brilliant as I get on a rainy holiday weekend.

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