Monday, January 25, 2010

Knitting In The Morning Sun

I'm not really knitting in the morning sun.  It is more that the morning Soleil is completed - blocked and all.

I love this pattern  (  for several reasons.  The lace at lower edge is easy and beautiful.  And the side shaping nips in the waist enough to complement the feminine frame without  paying homage to a corset. 

A huge mistake was made by yours truly.  Mind you, for over forty decades my height has been stable.  Oh sure, heels might occasionally bring me up to my full driver's license stated height, but essentially nothing has  changed for quite some time.

I should know because every morning I look in the mirror at the hem of my pants with the hope that perhaps a miracle has occurred.  Alas, sameness is my lot.  I should know better.  I have done better on many other projects - both knit and crochet.  But this time, I followed the pattern like a lock step lemming. 

Look at the photo for a hint of visual evidence of the mistake.  And no, the mistake is not the total length.  That part is to my liking.    Mind you the pattern is wonderful.  Absolutely nothing wrong with the pattern - - as long as one is not on the petite side of life.  So all responsibility rests squarely on my shoulders.  (She typed with a wink) Yes, the fault is within the work of my knitting arms. (She added to the typed words with a wink and a groan)

All my fault.  Pass the chocolate please.

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  1. I don't know. It looks pretty smashing to me!