Thursday, January 21, 2010

Round And Round No More

Finally, the forever round and round of stockinette is over.  Mind you the Soleil stockinette is not entirely mindless and one is blessed very so often with the opportunity to subtract or add four stitches per round.

Nevertheless, mind numbing repetition ended and the neck has been split.  Not only the neck, but it is now time to split off the back and make real progress toward completion.

This whole journey with yarn is sometimes lonely.  Sitting and making little loops for hours, days or weeks only to be followed by joyous celebration amongst others who also sit and make little loops for hours, etc.

There are actually whole swaths of time when I do not produce little loops.  Really.  Truly.  Take yesterday for example.  Distraction from little yarn loops.  Distraction in the form of the January/February issue of Piecework.    Rush out and pick up a copy if you do not subscribe.  This is the fourth annual Historical Knitting Issue!

Brilliant.  Kudos.  Awesome.  Every article is a jewel.
  • New pattern stitch from Barbara Walker - yes! 
  • Victorian patterns - real history here
  • Jewish Lithuania survival knitting - humbling words
  • Latvia mittens
  • Stocking from Plimoth Plantation
  • More, more, more
I'm telling you.  Get this mag.  Where else can you get a pattern for knitted chain mail? 

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  1. Love the insight into you in this post.