Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Planting Seeds

The math is working out just fine.   Thank you for asking.  What you see here is the under arm area of the seed stitch vest.  The seed stitch is broken up with a stockinette band. My plan is to eventually graft to the provisional cast on at the other under arm.  Since I prefer not to graft alternating knit and purl stitches, the stockinette is required. 

The only seams on this sleeveless pullover will be at the shoulders - just a few inches each.  Surely that is tolerable, even for those who abhor seams.

Those who have observed the progress are thus far voicing a sense of fascination about the vertical stripes created by the Noro Taiyo.  And I must agree.  The striping and play of color is working out very well.

Another two inches and the major knitting will be done.  Here it is.  All stretched out for measuring.  So very close to being done!  Another two inches and it will be time for the grafting and seaming. 

The math has come back to haunt me.   Mostly it is correct.  At this point in the making, I am rethinking the zero ease issue.  A huge HMMM. 

And yes, much chocolate has been consumed in the making of Maggie Mae. (Do you like the name?)

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