Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Sleeve, One Store, One Program

One sleeve is done on the new FLS. It was an accidental finish that I thought would not take place until Friday. On Sunday, I readied the dpns, transferred live stitches and picked up under the sleeve. I did work a whole whopping four rows just to be sure the count was correct, but then headed out to lunch on the plaza and an afternoon of Spamalot.

Monday morning, I stuffed the FLS into a bag and scooted off to join up with a new friend and re-arrange half of a retail store. With three mugs of coffee in my system and a delayed display partner, I sat and knitted a bit. Apparently it was more than a bit because I finished the sleeve very quickly. Perhaps it is only my warped sense of humor, but the sweater now sits with only one sleeve and a length of waste yarn dangling on the other side in an homage to Spamalot! I know. Sick. But rather appropriate for this week.

One store is now dusted and the stock moved around. Dusted! I don't dust at home. But what are friends for if not to pitch in, take over and do. So, I dusted. It is shocking what two and a half (we had part time help from a store employee who thought it also important to assist customers) women can accomplish in less than five hours.

On such a roll were we, that when the store owner arrived mid mess, both of us turned around and, like a duo of dusting divas, shouted, "go away!" Can't have the owner getting in the way of marketing displays and psychological product placement. Nope, just can't let that happen. What we set out to tackle got tackled. We did allow the owner to return as she had a class to teach. I just love seeing a young mother giddy to provide her teen with crochet lessons.

One program is in the works. I am in communication with Colleen Davis to teach a workshop for the Guild. President permission to pursue has been granted. So I'm a happy Vice President.

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