Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lady Sweater Has A Home

I loved my FLS for an evening and a morning. Upon completion I admired it. Asked my Dave what color to wear with it. Thought of the impact it would make on non-knitterly friends. I loved it. With passion. Love. Perhaps I dreamed of the lady. This morning I awoke determined to show you the blessed creation and confess my love. And I did. I posted for all to read.

My thoughts then turned to actually wearing the sweater. No other thought but the wearing. And so, with carefully chosen trousers and coordinating wine shaded tank, I put on the lady sweater. For wearing. Not just snapping a blog worthy photo. Oh No! Actual wearing. Gloating. Loving. Dare I compare the sweater to Annabel Lee? "loved with a love that was more than love. I and my FLS."

For a whole ninety minutes it was on me. On me beautifully if you want my occasionally humble opinion. All I did was wear it on a mission of gloating. To a store. Where customers exist. Customers wanting something specific. So specific as to be appropriate for wearing on a cruise where soft ocean breezes might chill the shoulders whilst sitting upon a veranda. Something worthy of celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary.

"With a love that the wandering traveler coveted my FLS"

Cut to the chase.....offer made, dollars discussed, sale completed in under five minutes.

Came home and cast on for another February Lady Sweater. Such is life.

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  1. That sweater was lovely, Lenora. Is the next one you cast on going to be the same color or another? I would love to get the pattern of the Noro sweater you wore to our get together at the mall. The colors and shape really was flattering on you. Take good care. Joan