Monday, August 31, 2009

Blue Monkey Knitting

Monkey socks appeared on my needles. Right now, these are titled simply: Blue Monkey socks. Not a very unique or well thought name, but it will suffice for now. It turns out there is a Blue Monkey, aka Diademed Monkey. Look that up! According to sources, the blue monkey is not noticeably blue - just a bit around the face. Actually, this Ella Rae reminds me more of a Mandrill face.

Perhaps that is the name! Mandrill socks. I like it very much. Will cause a few to rush to Google and search but that is OK. Self education is a good and noble practice.

In reading comments on Ravelry and thoughts of friends, I am concerned about the pattern specified heel for these Monkey socks. The heal decision time has arrived and I am leaning toward the eye of the partridge stitch as suggested by sock goddess Brenda. Leave a comment if you have another thought. I do confess that I am quite hard on socks. So sturdy heel stitches mean a lot.

But I am also considering gifting these socks to daughter #2 who has extremely calloused dancer feet. Rough and tough skin is not kind to fabric - from the inside out! A heel for her needs extra strengthening for sure.

Since the final heel decision is causing me to pause, I shall worry about this on Scarlett time. Fiddle-dee-dee!

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