Monday, August 10, 2009

Mini Shawl #2

Some patterns are worth repeating. Maybe it is the ease of the making, the perfection for gifting, the known factor, or a perfect fit. Could be other reasons, but some patterns are just ripe for a do over of the perfect kind. EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket comes to mind. Always keep a spare in your stash! A trusty "plain" sock pattern can come to life over and over and never be the same when size and color way come into play.

I have made two sweaters from the famous Rusted Root pattern over here. This one is in the it fits me league and I am even contemplating a third sweater with a different lace insert.

Weaver's Wool Mini Shawl is fast become a favorite. My second is off the needles and ready for a cool morning. Given that the pattern is free, you should give it a try. Easy find on Ravelry or your favorite search.

Quick, easy, effective and less than 400 yards needed. This one is two strands together. Louise Harding Kashmir DK and Berocco Sox Metallic. I did have to size up the needle to get the fabric to have more drape, so it can work in a worsted weight in addition to the pattern preferred DK.

Of course, if I don't use it for me, I could be one up on the holiday gifts and it is only August. I'll have to think about it.

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  1. I get so many neat knitting ideas from you Lenora! I am going to try the February sweater, and this shawl is too cute. I wonder how it would look on my dumpy body. Oh well, worth a try, or maybe for a pretty gift for someone.