Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun & Useful Market Bag

On Thursday last, a friend showed me a cute little collapsible market bag. It folds in on itself to be contained in a buttoned pouch. A quick check on Ravelry confirmed that several versions are available. Unfortunately, friend though she be, the pattern used seems to have gone missing.

Thus it was that I sat Friday morning counting the crochet stitches of another and writing down a pattern for the circle motif of which the pouch is made. Handy skill this being able to "read yarn."

The rest of the bag is just chain stitch connected with a sc, so no pattern is needed there. I like this project enough that I can see whipping out several as Green Christmas Gifts. It would be quite easy to up-size this version as it is on the petite side. However, it is just right for herbs, salad makings, lunch or even a water bottle.

At any rate, I began the first motif whilst copying my friend's completed project. Needless to say, if you know the pattern name please leave a comment! I want to compare my attempt with the real thing and give credit for a quick, fun and useful bag.

And talk about quick. Both motifs that make the top and bottom of the pouch were done in about ninety minutes - and that includes a bumpy car ride. The chain mesh can be stopped at the point that makes you happy and still will tuck into the pouch portion. So that part is rather mindless hooking.

Not having the pattern to follow and having forgotten to take notes on the top edge gave me a bit of a worry. But a deep breath, a zen moment recalling almost 50 years of experience with string and the solution was clear. My top edge (and remember that the pattern might be different) is finished with single crochet all around. The handles are hdc worked over seven stitches.


  1. It's so fun to make something we actually need, isn't it? I recently knitted a cozy for John's key fob. The loop at the top had broken, making it impossible to attach to the keychain. "The brownies" knitted this little cozy right around the fob, with a handy loop at the top. Now he isn't fishing in his pockets for it because it's back on the keychain. (And of course, this impresses him more than the fisherman's sweater I made for his brother or the kilt hose I made for him.)

  2. I saw one of these in person today and it is fabulous-genius!

  3. Hey, I saw one yesterday also. It is really wonderful, and so is the maker.