Thursday, August 20, 2009

FLS #2 - I Am Still A Lady

The replacement February Lady Sweater is done. Off the needles. Not blocked. But that is just a minor point in the grand scheme of life.

This #2, like the sold version, is cropped. I really like this pattern stopped a tad short. Maybe it is because I too, am short. The sleeves end just at my elbow. At this length the not so toned triceps are completely covered and nothing extends down the forearm such as to prevent the wearing of a fancy bracelet. One must consider all of this when personalizing a pattern.

For my arm length, and remember that my driver's license states that I am 5'2", I only need to work ten repeats of the lace pattern before the garter edging on the sleeve. Having now completed two February Lady Sweaters this summer, I know that this shorter sleeve can be completed in one day.

My attempt to get a better photo of the buttons has failed. Me thinks these beauties are just too reflective for a decent iphone picture.

Right now I am considering committing a knitting sacrilege. I just might wear this sweater to an event this very evening - - without blocking! Hope I don't get hauled before the knitting police.

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  1. It's beautiful, Lenora. Phooey on the blocking. Wear it out now!