Friday, August 28, 2009

Knitter Present Time

My birthday is less than two months away, so surely it is OK to start celebrating. I bought myself a knit based gift. This way, because it is for the special day, it does not count against the monthly yarn & supplies budget.

Actually, supplies do not count against the yarn budget. As I think about it, supplies don't have a budget. Supplies come under the general 'household tools' line item. Plant stake or chop stick or knitting needle. Is there really a difference? Not in my book.

And while I am at it, yarn intended to one day be a gift does not reduce the yarn budget either. That comes under 'gifts given - eventually.'

See, any way you look at it, my new cable needles from Lantern Moon did not put even a tiny dint in the yarn budget.

Happy Early Birthday to Moi!


  1. You are entirely correct! Even my husband thinks so. He's particularly emphatic that yarn destined for gift items doesn't count against the yarn budget.

  2. Will you come back to Pasadena the Wednesday before your birthday, or shall we all come out and knit with you?

  3. Right now Oct. 14 is looking really good. Or, y'all can come to Riverside.