Monday, March 23, 2009

Yarn experiment

I had fun this weekend with scarf making. Just plain garter stitch, but manipulating yarns.

First - single ply of rayon in plain old garter: Nice and if you could see it in person you would think it is a lovely and feminine impact. The red, blue and purple are uniform in impact.

I plan to use this scarf under the lapels of my blue suit. It looks fantastic.

And then I looked through the stash to discover left over sock yarn. The sock weight is a Wildfoote that has two shades of blue.

Second - two strands held together. The custom dyed rayon and the sock yarn: total change. The lighter exposure of the photo lets you see how the sock yarn shows up. What is not apparent in the photo is that the whole effect is more masculine. I could not believe it when it came off the needles.

In the photo - lightened to show the sock yarn - the red really pops. But in person, the red is much more subdued and in the background. Strange? Yeah.

Just goes to show that experimentation is a good thing. You might have an idea of how yarns will mix. But the eye has its own view of color.

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