Friday, March 6, 2009

Knit. Type. Knit. Type.

My fingers are actually sore. Absolutely sore from knitting and typing. You will notice that there are no photos. Because I've been too busy to stop and snap a moment of posterity.

1. The Twinkle Toes socks are pushing 50% complete. Since I hate working ribbing, I should declare the first sock finished and just bind off. But nay! I shall keep at the boring work until the ribbing of the sock is appropriate in height. What is appropriate? Well, if there was a photo you would figure out that I am planning on three stripes of the green. Then it will be done and I can bind off. Well, not exactly. I no longer just plain bind off sock ribbing. EZ's sewn bind off works for me. Never fails - stretches - and easy to accomplish. You can find it (and other great manipulations) at the end of this Knitty article here.

2. Night time knitting is an afghan. Nothing fancy. Just worsted on size 10s. Bamboo 10s. Sure does help the fingers and hands recover from the socks on the Addi #1s. And let me tell you that my hands really need the rest this week.

3. Only one sleeve left to set in on the Cabled Cardigan and then it is crochet edging time. While the pattern has a nice edge specified, I'm thinking of not doing it. The crab stitch is a bit sturdier and I really think that this one needs a firmer edge. There is a bit of rolling on the front and the crab stitch should take care of that.

4. The rest of my time this week has been spent in my volunteer work which for some reason resulted in lots of time at the keyboard this week. Orientation for United Way of the Inland Valleys was this week - Community Review Teams begin site visits soon and I am on Team 4. Then there were lots of last minute preparations and reading before the NCL, Inc. Board meeting this weekend. And on top of that, RKG Board, business meeting and Show and Share are bright and early on Saturday morning. AND (can you hear the drum roll) sign ups begin for our May workshop with Lucy Neatby! Yeah! Yeah! and Whippie too!!

Whew. No wonder I am tired and my hands hurt. Knit. Type. Knit. Type

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