Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Yarn Thoughts

Random thought #1. Free patterns are great. Pluie Soap Holder from Berroco is a quick knit. As in so quick you can cast on in the morning and give to your hostess in the evening.

Random Thought #2 Getting ready for a fundraiser based on yarn swapping takes time. Yet again, I was forced to visit the entire stash and let go of treasures. No tears - although I did hold back half of a favorite wool that was destined to be paired with my grey suit. Do you think that 1000 yards still in the stash is enough to make a tank top? Would not want to run out. Perhaps the larger question is why did I have 2000 yards (!!!) of the stuff? Clearly, there is undiagnosed pathology.

Random Thought #3 I love the new socks!

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