Sunday, March 15, 2009

Knit Pinwheel Done!

Where did the week go? I was here. I was busy. I was happy. It just seems like the week slipped by with little updating. Lots of progress though.

The pinwheel security blanket is done! You learned about my 'wrong side worries' here. For the most part, all turned out well. Unique, but well. In a few spots, it was necessary to gently yank the underside of the picked up wraps in order to straighten out the mess.

I consider myself experienced with picking up the wrap and knitting it together with the stitch. However, that experience did not include picking up two wraps! A whole new experience for this gal. Look closely and you will see slight holes in the miters. This is unblocked work. When I shake the blankie things look better. When it is smoothed out for a close up holes appear like wrinkles in a morning mirror. We are not amused.

A whole project with nothing but short rows is not for the faint of heart. Beginner Knitters back off. Intermediates - - think twice and then sleep on it.

Mind you there is absolutely nothing bad about short rows. I like short rows. OK. I will confess that I like short rows when used sparingly for specific shaping needs.

Would I ever make this pattern again? No. Does a special wee one deserve a blanket made from this pattern? Yes.

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