Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twinkle Toes Socks

Oh, I can hardly wait to cast on the next socks. I've already decided that what ever pattern catches my fancy, the socks shall be named Twinkle Toes. A recent order has arrived and I am the very proud owner of five - yes five - balls of Berroco Sox Metallic. It is newly available for Spring and comes in quite luscious colors.

Want to see? All five balls are "Acai" - aka color 1361. Now don't go wondering why five of the exact same colorway. They are all the same because every color, shade and sparkly metallic bit is "my" color! It is like Berroco was reading my soul when this one was put together.

Given that Sox comes in 100g balls, it is easy to wonder what I will ever do with five pair of socks all the same. Well, I could gift a friend. Or put one ball in a yarn auction (charity fundraiser) or make matching mother/daughter socks. I could even make one pair now - and keep the rest for future pairs!

Perhaps breaking out and crocheting a turtle. The colors would be good for a turtle, don't you agree? Perhaps a coffee cup cozy would be festive. I suppose, that given the metallic sparkles, a tie would be inappropriate for a conservative professor. But maybe HE needs socks!!

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