Thursday, March 26, 2009

Magnetic Knitting

The knitting is now magnetized. A little experiment that needs refining, but I do believe that I am on to something here.

Quite some time ago I purchased a package of magnetic beads. The beads are apparently used in jewelry making. The package sat unopened in my supply of beads that one day may be knit into something grand. Every yarn lover should have a supply of embellishments that does not count against the stash. This I firmly believe. It makes total sense to add to the collection of potential embellishments. Any time and money spend on these little extras does not - absolutely does not - count against the yarn stash. Two totally different issues.

At any rate, the amount of left over yarn from the Twinkle Toes socks was sufficient to spur my most fertile imaginings and led me to the magnetic experiment. What we have here is a simple little purse pouch just big enough for one small comb, lip balm and secret mad money that is available for emergency purchases. Emergencies such as chocolate, merlot or yarn.

You might recognize the slip stitch heel transformed into a a pouch, but focus on those beads up top. Magnetic! Yep, knit those suckers in every six stitches and then bound off on the next row. I had not planned it, but for some reason the beads 'stick' together in little clumps of four beads each. Kinda cute. So far the concept is working and practical. Just enough grab from the beads to hold the top closed, but not so much weight to mess up the structure.

Think I'll let it be for a week or so. I could go back and add beads every four stitches for a more secure closure but I am afraid the weight of the magnetic wonders would be too much.

I'm on to something here. . . . . .

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