Sunday, February 15, 2009

Short Row, Wrong Side

Having never attempted the Masters Program from TKGA, I am quite often uncomfortable letting others examine the wrong side of certain projects. Wrong side of a felted anything - no problem. Look all you want. Wrong side of a scarf - no worries here. Flip that beauty over and have look. Inside of a purse. Look all you want - that lining covers all!

Wrong side of a sweater/cardi/top of any kind. It is sort of OK to peek. Mostly things will be good to go. The occasional poorly woven in end - but that is often speed and not lack of knowledge.

Right now I am working on a sample baby afghan that might not be good to go on the wrong side. I just don't know.

What is the wrong side of short row shaping supposed to look like when color changes are involved? This is what is happening.

It looks either like a crochet chain (and I am knitting!) or it looks similiar to the edge where knitting in the row below occurs. The problem is that one side is made of a solid color. In the photo, it is the right side. the left side of this funky chain like wrong side is composed of two colors of yarn.

Let's say that the pink section on the right was worked in short rows down to one stitch at the lower corner in the edge pattern. Then the lilac color is reintroduced and begins increasing whilst picking up the pink short row wraps. That's how there are two colors, both pink and lilac, on the left side of the funky chain like wrong side.

Am I thrilled that this does not look like a total mess? Am I enchanted that the wrong side of the afghan actually has visual interest? Do I hate the way it is turning out? Am I expecting too much?

What should the wrong side of short row shaping with color changes look like?

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