Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekend Wonders

The rain is on the way - again. Here in the Inland Empire, one can see the clouds moving from the horizon to overhead. And the wind is kicking up. Of course, we always have wind out here. This is just a little wind high in the palm trees. Not a blow over the patio umbrella and cast iron base breaking a rib on the 9 foot umbrella. No. Not that bad. Yet.

So, the creatures and I are off to the desert for a bit. It is a holiday weekend you know. The dogs and cat are coming with me today. Bert can't come just yet. The dogs get the back seat - with their favorite towel. The towel only comes out for trips to the desert and I think they have learn what is happening when they see the towel.

Snowy's lovely purple cat carrier fits securely on the floor in the front. It is a nice quite spot and he is not bothered by a dog flinging drool into the front of the car. I'm bothered by flinging drool. But at least it is happy drool - I can almost hear Comet and Covey singing "We're goin' to the dessert!"

Bert has to wait and come out later. Probably tomorrow, after a business dinner. Not that Bert has a business dinner. My Dave has a business dinner. And Bert's travel cage fists very well in the back of Dave's large car.

Prediction is for the rain to make it all the way to the desert. That's OK. Being home in the rain seem confining. Being in the desert in the rain is an adventure. Totally different. And lots of time to knit.

post edited 30 minutes later to let you know that there is a huge patch of blue sky sitting over the house. What happened to the rain clouds? Mother nature is such a tease! Wonder how long it will take her to change her mind back to rain clouds??

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