Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Cord - Therefore I Am

Guess what I did yesterday? I made I-Cord. Lots of the stuff. Lengths of the stuff. This was the beginning pile.

A teaching moment has come my way and this will all become samples. Next week I will be teaching a short workshop on corded closures.

Corded closures, also know as ‘frogs’, are a fun way to add interest, decoration or embellishment to fabricated items. They are not just for garments, but can also be added to the front of a purse, opening of a pillow or a pocket. These decorative and functional closures can also be used to add interest to a shawl, bottom of a sleeve or used more traditionally on a mandarin collar.

Weaving the knot, sometimes called a Chinese knot, will be a fun practice for everyone. The actual weaving is not very difficult. It boils down to loop, loop, under, weave through. The picky part comes when pulling, tugging, fudging, straightening and all the manipulations needed to get the knot smooth and pretty with two equal tails.

Now don't go thinking that my hand is hiding unequal tails. Very pleased to say this sample came out great - - much better than the blurry photo might lead you to believe.

I think the workshop will be fun. Mostly it is just a refresher/reminder of the possibilities that corded closures can bring to a project. I was having so much fun with the samples, that the entire three page handout is is written, formatted and copied. Days before needed!

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  1. Wishing I could take your class. I love a good knot!