Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Count Down

No photos of the almost completed sleeves yet. But counting of rows did occur. Only thirty-four more rows on each sleeve and the cabled cardigan madness will end. Check out the pattern on Ravelry. (or go all the way back to this post and learn that the Cabled Cardigan is from Classic Elite Knits - wedded to Lily Chin Gramercy from the stash)

The tape measure played a trick on me and for a moment it appeared that there were only twenty-two more rows per sleeve. Have you ever felt that moment when, during a knitting jag, you just feel that somehow it is coming up short?

That's how I felt today. Even though I am drooling with anticipation that the never ending cable work will actually end, it just felt too good to be true. As in way too good. So I did what any self respecting yarn-a-holic would do and held a sleeve along my actual living breathing arm. And mercy be - it was going to be too short! A quick check of gauge (gasp! & cough*%) revealed that in deed one more repeat of the twelve row cable pattern would be perfect to reach the "me" sleeve length and signal the exact moment and row to begin the bind off/decreases to create the sleeve cap.

I just love it when a published pattern actually works. When there has been sample making with forethought and brilliance I get all giddy and thank the genius behind the art that is instruction on the printed page.

I am impressed. . . with the pattern. . . and with the. . . execution. . .

. . . she humbly stated for all to read.

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