Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Weekend Quickie Knit

Three cheers for Peggy Pignato's free pattern called Weaver's Wool Mini Shawl. Just put the name in your fave search engine or look on Ravlery. Such a quickie to knit! Absolutely perfect for this transitional weather when you still need a little something extra but don't want to bother with anything fussy.

The shawl pattern increases on the front edges twice as often as down the back. This simple difference in the wedges makes it so that the front hugs the shoulders and falls softy with - get this - no fiddling required. That's right. You don't have to fiddle with this wedge based shawl to get it to stay on the shoulders. The simple shaping takes care of all that.

Can you tell that this was a stash busting project? I wish there had been another 50 yards of the Skacel Sensuale, but alas, 'twas discontinued in 2005. That's a big downfall to stash busting. Even though it came up a few rows short the shawl is still fantastic. The solid is Louisa Harding Grace - which is quite easily available.

Started this project on Friday afternoon and worked on it a bit that night. Most of Saturday was spent with family in non-knitting activities; the bind off occurred on Sunday afternoon. Now that is a quickie knit for sure!

This pattern would be a fantastic first project for anyone. Or, an ideal traveling companion as once the markers are placed, no counting is needed. Check out the pattern and you will see for yourself how simply simple it is.

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