Monday, April 27, 2015

Grey Matter

Last year, I used up the remainders of a summer top and developed this recipe for a neck piece.  It is nothing fancy.  Mostly it is a reminder to self on how I like to make a bottom up no thinking required use all the yarn neck accessory.  Many others, I'm certain, have a similar plan.

Last week provided time for thinking and planning.  In order to cogitate such lofty thoughts, my hands need occupation.  The result of the needlework is another Scrappy Neckpiece.

This one does not have the lace row inserts.  It does have embellishments on the point.  Those bits came from a bracelet that had been hanging around for a bit.

The yarn is Interlacements Rick Rack that remains from the Z Top.

There is still a major problem to be dealt with.

This much yarn is left over again!  Lawd a mercy, will the 1200 yds. ever end?

Frankly, I'm getting tired of this yarn.  It just keeps going on and never ends.  I might have to make another travel pouch and declare it a laundry bag or something.  This madness must end soon.

I've taken to tossing the projects willy nilly about the abode in a crazed attempt to declare the stuff art. 

Forget my original thinking and planning.  Now all I can do is sit and fret over having too many yarn bits hiding in the back corner.

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  1. "Fret" banjo. Ack! How about a wacky pillow cover for the leftovers!