Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Knitting Police Are Coming For Me!

TaDa and Voila!

The Sausalito mitts are done.  This is the yarn and pattern suggestion from my friend.  And it all worked out beautifully.  One skein of Koigu and a bit of time and I'm happy.

I love the way the cable splits to become the thumb gusset.  Really brilliant. 

I did make one change in the pattern.  As with all ribbing (or so the Knitting Police will tell you), the bottom & top rib sections are supposed to be worked on a 3.25mm.  I broke the knitting law on that.  The cable & lace pattern should be worked on a 3.75 mm.  I broke the pattern following law on that, too.

I worked the whole thing on a 3.5mm (US #4). 

Yes, the Knitting Police are coming for me.  I'm gonna get THE LECTURE, again.  I broke two laws in one project.  And still the mitts fit my hands.

There is no way that I will hang my head in shame.  I will boldly proclaim to all who will listen that using one and only one needle size for this pattern worked extremely well for both the elastic ribbing and the flexible cable/lace pattern.  The mitts fit me and that's what matters in my little world!

I wonder if the Knitting Police have handcuffs that match my mitts?


  1. These are REALLY beautiful! Nice work, Lenora. I promise not to call the Knitting Police, since you already confessed to the crime.

  2. Since I broke the Law of Knitting the Ribbing on Smaller Needles my jumpers look better on me, and I no longer look like I'm wearing a knitted balloon.

    So here, hear, Lenora :D

    Some people recommend knitting ribbing on needles even two sizes smaller to make the fabric "more snug".

    I don't always want it snag. I have hips. If the jumper ribbing is on the hips line snag looks awful. Some of my jumpers start with stockinette stitch no ribbing at all. It curls a bit at the bottom which is fine, and part of the design.

    I like sewing as well, and some of my blouses are not snug either so I think it really depends on the effect you want to achieve.