Monday, April 13, 2015


OK, Mr. DeMille, Bert is always ready for a close up.  So ready, in fact that the flew into the photo session for the latest project to leave the hook.

Actually, I think it is the buttons that attracted him to this summer accessory.  Or perhaps it is the feel of the Noro Kibou (54% Cotton, 34% Wool & 12% Silk).  Bert is a very discriminating creature.   When he dislikes something - be it food, a person, a color or music - he lets his displeasure be known.  Loudly.

When he loves a thing  - be it an empty cardboard box or clean laundry - he is gleeful with joy.

I'd hoped to get in at least one photo sans bird.

That did not happen.

This mesh crochet has been renamed Plumage.

Wanna guess why?

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