Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Every Last Bit--The Scrappy Neckpiece

One crocheted Convergence Top named Destin-y, one necklace of beads and shell and bits should be all that three balls of yarn can give.  But not the Noro Silk Garden Sock.  After staring at the remaining  wad of yarn, it was clear that more could be accomplished.

Behold the neck piece that shall be named Scrappy.  Knitting on the fly with no pattern sometimes yields a fun result and this is no exception.

The recipe is simple.

Scraps of yarn all in the same weight.
Knitting needles 4-6 sizes larger than the ball band recommends.  Lost the band?  Go with a US 9 for sock; try a US 10.5 or 11 for DK.

Cast on 3 stitches
Row 1- K1, kf&b, k across
Repeat for 2-3 inches.  This makes a nice point.
Row 2-  K1, kf&b, k across to last 2 stitches, kf&b, k1
Repeat this for 2-3 inches.  Increasing on both edges changes the slope of the piece.
Lace Row-  Next row is lacy and adds depth.  Do not increase on this row.  Work each stitch as a twisted drop:  insert as if to knit, wrap yarn around both needles then wrap yarn around right needle and off.  Ugly loops appear at each stitch.  Hang in there.
After lace Row-  k across (no increases)
Repeat Row 2 for 2-3 inches
Repeat Lace Row and After lace Row
Row 3-  k1, kf&b 2 times, knit to last 3 stitches, kf&b two times, k
Repeat until just enough yarn remains to Bind Off  loosely or use a stretchy BO.
NOTE:  add in lace rows anytime.  These add depth.

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