Wednesday, April 29, 2015

She Won. . .

. . .and I came in second.  Actually, there were only two of us in a race that was never really declared. 

Let's call it the great lace challenge of the Stewart women.  She who crochets and I are both participating in a CAL (Crochet A Long) and a lazy weekend allowed time for getting our lace started.  Yes, these are simple fingerless mitts.  The pattern is just two repeating rows and the opportunity to change edging or add a flourish or two is not against the rules of the CAL.

We both started at about the same time.  It seemed logical that since I had already made a pair (for the CAL introduction) that I'd be ahead of the game because I had experience with  the pattern. 

Logic flew out the window because she who crochets knows math.  I got stumped trying to subtract 4 stitches from the "chain 37" that begins the pattern.  I wanted to change from that beginning chain to using Foundation Single Crochet (fsc) to start the thing.  I read the pattern and understood that four of the thirty-seven chains actually made a part of the first 'V' stitch.   37 - 4 = 36 & 30 & 33.  Or something like that.

Don't go asking yourself how I messed  up.  Not even the yarn goddess understands what went wrong.  Let's just admit that I lost the challenge that wasn't really a challenge because we never agreed to a race to see who twirls a hook faster.

Youth won out.  This Mama came in second.  She WON. 
Either I am humbled or insanely proud.

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  1. Sparkly. Pretty! I just finished another pair of these mitts in a nice burgundy color for my little cousin who plays electric guitar!