Thursday, July 17, 2014

Still Learning After All These Years

 Pardon the old towel and the shadows from the desert sun, but pat me on the back and clap enthusiastically for my new skill.  That's right, I have learned the basic art of making felted soap.  Yippie!

This was a fun and bubbly class at the recent membership meeting of RKG.  The best part?  It was member taught.  I love learning from my friends and acquaintances.  It makes it so very personal, don't you think?

Caroline taught the workshop; the guild purchased the roving.  And we, the members, learned how to make this for no additional fee.  We did each bring our own bar of soap.  That's a very personal choice and it would have been impossible for the guild to take orders and be responsible for buying something so personal.

There are many videos and tips for felting soap available through your favorite search engine.  So I'll let you investigate on your own.

This is the other side of my soap.  I can't decide which side looks better - in my eye, both are perfect.  And considering that this was my very first effort, I am mighty proud.  That's why I want you to clap for me. 

Hopefully, the combination of the tea tree oil soap with the scrubby wool will be a winner.  If I like the result, there is much felting to do before the winter holiday season. 

Now, who want's to be on gift list?

I'm kidding, right?

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  1. I love making felted soaps. They're a lot of fun and cute. However, I just don't like using them. They seem to take so long to soap/suds up. Happy to hear you're still having fun with the RKG. I thought you'd moved closer to LA. I still haven't made it to any of their meetings. Maybe someday. :-)