Monday, July 21, 2014

Gonna Be Really Clean

Hopefully you read my post about making the felted soap.  The whole point of wrapping soap in wool is so that exfoliation and cleaning become one.  No additional supplies needed.

Except that a friend tipped me off to a very hilarious wash cloth pattern.  At least I think it is hilarious.  Oh, come on now.  A washcloth for knitters that is knit like a cabled sweater complete with ribbing, a cabled cable, and just enough lace work to make it look tres chic is quite the funny thing.

Here it is, fresh off the needles and looking like something that I'd love to knit in real person size with a back and everything.

Lacey Cabled Sweater Washcloth available here on Ravelry  Don't worry, its a free download.

Fibra Natura Good Earth yarn from Universal.  The yarn is 47% linen/ 53% cotton in a worsted weight.  Each skein has 204 yards which translates to enough to make this fancy cloth and another one in plain seed stitch.  [Notice how I spared making you look at a seed stitch square?  Didn't want to bore you.]

Have you noticed a trend lately.   It is too hot to work on anything large.  So, my hands are in warm bubbly water making felted soap (which is relaxing) and my needles are making little items.  The thought of working on a sweater or finishing the afghan causes me to experience brain melt.  So, for the next little while, items that are small, cool and quick will move to the top of the To Do List.

Whatcha doin'?

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  1. LOVE these little cabled beauties. I'm definitely making some for gifties!