Monday, July 7, 2014

A Walk With The Forest

 Forest is finished.  Thank you Myra Wood for your     fabulous inspiration.

In constructing this satchel, I left live stitches on each long (side) edge.  A life line held things securely during the final blocking and while the lining was sewed in.  
 The sides were then finished off by doing the following:  
*fold bag in half and return each half of the stitches to needles
*using a contrast yarn (something already in the fabric) work a 3-needle bind off to secure the sides

This is the back side.  The family was allowed to vote on which side was the front and which was the back.  

 The lining stops short of the sides by three rows on each edge.  This way, the side edges have no lining and flex so as to add depth to the satchel.  On the back side, it allowed easy access to the bound off stitches where I picked up and knit a flap for closure.

Here is the front with the short - and unlined - flap.  Finding the leather beaded bobble was pure fluke.  It is the perfect finish to a wonderful and functional satchel.

The family chose the correct side to be the right side, don't ya think?

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