Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Still The Best Pattern Ever!

Perhaps you want to argue, but I am convinced that Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket is absolutely and hands down the best knitting pattern ever!  Period.

It has been four years since I taught this pattern in a class setting.  All teachers of yarn things will agree that class samples are necessary.  During my recent re-organization of the studio I revisited notes and samples from several classes.

This is my newborn size BSJ.  I love it for several reasons.  First, the shoulders are not sewn which makes it easy to show students how to fold the swath into an actual jacket form.

Second, the icord bind off - complete with inline button holes - is ready to demonstrate "how-to" and thus I never have to finish this one.

Clearly, I had some thought of finishing it because two options for buttons were rolled up inside.  But for  the life of me I can't recall who was having a baby four years ago. 

This is another teaching sample.  Although this photo has no scale to prove it, it is not a Baby size.  This one is of worsted weight and knit on a larger needle so that students can see how gauge really does matter. 

I have a third sample that is completed.  That one is light blue with black stripes that make it easy to see whey the rows go and help plan color work.  Where that particular jacket is hiding is a great mystery of the yarn studio.

HMMM.  More cleaning and organization might be required.

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