Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring Has Sprung In Abundance

The slowness of winter is definitely over.  What hath Spring wrought?  An almost over abundance of work.  And that is just fine.

Here is the two day bolero with flutter sleeves in all of its glory.  Hopefully the owner is OK with me trying it on.  Based on how it floats loosely on me, it should be exactly her size.

It was a fast knit due to the gauge.  The concept of a top down open front bolero or cardigan is nothing new.  I'm so please with this result that I might actually write down the increase pattern with a slight change to how the flutter sleeves are finished off.  Whew!  Glad this got done even if it was on rush time.

In the midst of making the commission bolero, I needed the help of a body.  That meant interrupting she who crochets.  As it happened, she was in the midst of  pattern testing  for Leo.  

Seems that this whole busy Spring work mode is spreading to every fiber artist I know.  Leo's new scarf pattern is a cute crochet.  Stay tuned for it to be available via his website.

And then came the most exciting part.  Writing class notes for a new Embroidery on Knit or Crochet class being offered at The Knitting Tree, LA.  I really enjoy teaching and it is a good feeling to get back to watching others learn something new.

It looks like the Embroidery class will be followed by teaching my NightStar shawl.  If you are interested in either the embroidery or NightStar, get in touch with the good folks at TKTLA.

Being busy is like work.  But it is all still yarn, and I do love a good yarn.

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