Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Fine Line

The crochet muse led a group of us on a path of Convergence.  If you are looking for a great experience, give this summer top a try.  Yes, there are miles (or yards?) of double crochet, but the opportunity to practice short rows makes it worth the effort.

There are opposing thoughts on using Noro - this being the Silk Garden Sock.  Some force the color to fall into a preferred sequence.  Some just let it flow and follow a "come what may" attitude.  When it comes to longish color repeats I fall into the middle.  I let the color and the inevitable knots guide almost all of this top.

The only time I forced color was at the top of the shoulders.  The back shoulders are both steel blue to grey, but not matchy matchy.  The fronts are the bright blue to steel blue shades.

When it came to seaming, I remembered that crochet gets seamed from the wrong side.  This pattern of short rows and double crochet makes matching seams so simple.  Even without prior blocking of both pieces, it was easy.

Here is that same seam, all finished and showing its public side.  One part of me still cringes over the non matching shades.  But the other part of me is thrilled that the crochet Goddess of Serendipity somehow guided the plain sections to be so close to blended.

So what's next?  A blocking and drying and then comes the wearing and comparing my final product to that of the rest of the CAL participants.  I know that each will look different.  I am positive that each will be perfect!

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