Monday, May 5, 2014

It's Showtime

The new Destin-y Convergence top is almost worn out!  Last week was filled with opportunities to share this latest success with yarny friends.

First, there was the posting on Ravelry followed by the first official wearing to the Wednesday gathering at The Knitting Tree, LA.  Next up was a grand showing at the Riverside Knitting Guild where Master knitters abound.  Those ladies sure do know how to gush over masterful crochet.  Yes, I am flattered when anyone admires my work.  I am humbled when those more skilled than me say a kind word or two.

Then came email photos to certain friends who couldn't believe that this is less than 4 weeks of work. And there is still one more group meeting where I can show off this top and the little necklace that goes with it.

The big excitement is that  in just a few short days, this summer tee will finally get to showtime at the big event - - vacation.

I just love Destin-y and having the time to make it all happen.

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