Friday, May 9, 2014

Busy Working & One Fowl Thing

It is barely mid morning and already a break is needed.  What am I up to today?  Here is a rundown:

Got tired of waiting for the yarn to arrive so I started this Mama Wrap(yarn arrived in less than a week; sometimes I am impatient)

Yarn arrived so I had to get busy with a different hook.  My version will be called Crazy.

 I'll be teaching next month and had to make a sample for a new class.  (yes, handouts and tips and additional samples must be completed;  yikes)

Then someone called and was looking for a special summer bolero (naturally, it is needed quickly;  is two days fast enough?)

And as these things tend to happen, in the middle of it all, I had to stop and reprint business cards because there was not even one left for tagging the new class sample.  A photo of a business card is not very exciting; I spared you staring at that and am letting you get the first look at the class.

My mood is not the fowl thing.  It is this guy who came walking though during my hour of calm and reminded me to chill out. 

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  1. Ha! On FB I thought you were referring to me. Ego! :) I am still envious that you got your Zauberball already. Is the white project the new Opium? Resembles it. Have a productive day, my friend.