Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One Down, More To Go

Happiness abounds!  The Mock Hairpin Wrap is fast work when I have time to work on it.  The wrap is worked in strips that are joined as you go.  Already, I have one strip completed and am half way through the second. 

Don't get all worried over the rumpled look.  First, this strip has not been blocked.  What you might notice is that the edge appears to be a whole heap of twisted loops.  And you'd be correct in your assessment.

The center spine has chain loops on either side of the center.  Then those loops are twisted or joined in a unique pattern that causes the spine - that was crocheted straight - to curve gently down the whole length. 

I love it.  Never in my thinking could I have figured this out.  But now I've seen first hand how to manipulate the piece and it has me intrigued.  Frankly, it is so logical that it is almost too simple. 

So, one down and four more to go.  That's a whole lot of happiness from a great summer (non-wool) project!

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