Thursday, February 7, 2013

Incarnation #2

The first incarnation of Coquille is now a shop sample.   I'll need to retrieve it for the grand photo at the end of the KAL.  This knit pattern is just ripe for playing with color and possibly playing around with stitch patterns.

Right now a second one is on the needles and there is even time to work on it.  The idea of working it in a stained glass effect really caught my interest.  Mind you, this requires black yarn.  Given that I have sworn off of black owing to a certain pair of socks, my mind is still not quite accepting that this color playfulness was chosen willingly and with full knowledge of what can happen when knitting black sock yarn at night - in the dark.

It turns out that my fear of black yarn and night time knitting is much worse than the actual knitting of black yarn in the daylight.  Oh, well.  Live and learn.

Yes, the black fingering has turned out to be a cinch.

Wish I could say the same about a certain ball of fluff that presented the dreaded knot and abrupt color change in exactly the wrong spot.  Naturally, the knot appeared about 8:30 pm in the dark.

[insert dramatic sigh]

PS - don't bother clicking on the knot photo of angst trying to read my notes.  I save paper by only printing one copy of a pattern and using it for every incarnation.  So those are notes related to more than one shawl.  It is perfectly OK.  Just like my filing system, I understand each dot, number and date reference.  

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