Saturday, February 9, 2013

Four Color Changes To Go

Having tired of working on shawls and not wanting to move too swiftly on a scarf that is for working on when I attend a specific group, the only options left were to pick up the twelve color cardigan or start something new.

Imagine my delight to discover that in only four changes of color, the sleeves of the cardigan will be complete.  That settled it.  Had I known that a major hurdle was within reach, I would have been working like a madwoman to get the major pieces completed. 

Of course, once the sleeves are complete, there will be major sewing ahead.

I confess that thought of sewing this one together does not bring joy.  It is going to be a long sit - if you get my drift.  For only the second time in my knitterly life, I'm considering hiring out the finishing work. 

The final piece of the cardigan will be a slip stitch shawl collar - using all twelve colors in sequence.  Now that is something that I can wrap my joy around.  I actually look forward to each and every stitch and watching the colors shift and morph.

There is no rush.  This piece is not needed until June.  But with the end in sight, I might as well put determination behind the needles and get on with it.

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