Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just In Time For A Warming Trend

One good embellishment deserves a great background.  Almost before I was ready to finish it, the casual kimono was completed.  And it fits.

A few observations are due:
  • This Alpaca Twist was worked above gauge on a US #10.  This makes for an open and airy fabric.  Luckily the alpaca blooms just enough to maintain warmth.  Perhaps a bit too much warmth for the predicted high 70s this week.  Such is life.
  • The sleeves grow.  These sleeves were knit of a length to be "above bracelet" for me.  After blocking - full length.  Not a big deal, but I will need to be careful about dangling bits about the arms.  
  • The narrow front panels did not grow.  Same gauge and same direction of stitches as the sleeves but no additional width post blocking.  Such are the mysteries of loving hands creations.
  • The pattern, with short rows added to front so as to create a V-neck and add width from waist down, would be really functional if worked in a linen/cotton blend.  
  • I shall keep the pattern in the "A List" pile.

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