Sunday, February 24, 2013

Embellishments Rule

What do you get when large swaths of stockinette are worked in extremely neutral brown/black?  An opportunity to embellish - that's what you get.  And I knew just the right place to find the perfect  addition to the traveling kimono style cardi.

Purchased at Twist, Yarns of Intrigue.
Three large felted flowers (on stems) cost less than $10. 

The trumpet shape seemed a little dull on the inside.  Luckily, Twist also stocks a few yummy buttons.  A little hand beaded jewel added the perfect pop. 

And yes, for the curious out there, this flower was tied on with the yarn used for the knitting.  Strong enough to stay put and yet one little snip and a bit of picking and the flower will be out of the way when it is time to wash.

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  1. Very cute!

    I love that shop! I wish I lived closer to it.