Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Striped Fabric

Call it a magic ball or random usage or well planned usage of yarn.  However you refer to it, I enjoyed making this striped fabric.

As a member of TKGA, I often check out the website.  During one of my searches into the good information, I discovered an oldie but goodie pattern for a Diagonal V Neck Shell designed by Laura Bryant and Prism Yarns.

I am very pleased to state that no new yarns were purchased for this fabric.  Everything came from my stash!  There is a bit of wool, cotton, various incarnations of silk and some chemical wonder string.   

The pattern is very simple.  Diagonal work that makes the back and the front.  The only difference between back and front is the V-Neck.

  To be honest, the only difficult thing about making this pattern is that there can be a whole lot of ends that must be woven in!  Isn't it fortunate that over 50% of the time, I remembered to weave in as the knitting took place.

Because the yarns that I used are not all exactly the same weight, there is some variance in tension.  So, it made sense to wet block both pieces prior to sewing and adding the edging to all openings.  

So far, I'm pleased.  This will probably become an over piece for layering next fall and winter.  I am way ahead of the game.

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