Thursday, April 7, 2011

Discovery Days

Ah, the thrill of new acquisitions!  It is easy to appreciate the buzz that runs rampant across the nerves when new fiber joins the family stash.  I'll not waste time reveling in an oft repeated exercise.  I'm sure that you also enjoy the rush every now and again.

Rather, on this day, I offer up an observation pulled from recent experience.  When searching for just the right resting place for all of the recently acquired yarns - an auction occurred just one week after the warehouse sale -  a forgotten hoard of cotton saw the light of day.   Imagine my surprise to open a hopefully empty drawer only to find out that the entire area was filled with suitable-for-summer yarns.    Well, it was my obligation, in light of this (re)discovery, to get cracking on something summery and useful.  If for no other reason than to make space for the new wool. 

This week is occupied in finishing a very simple summer bag from one of the  cottons that came to light.  Just repetitive half double crochet with self strap handles, this slouchy bag will be for casual wear.   It may not even receive a lining.  I do love a good lining that adds a dash of complementary color to a bag.  But this particular string is looking mighty solid just as it is.

The yarn is Fiesta from Manetto Hill Yarnery.  Please note that this is a discontinued cotton/acrylic yarn.    The yarn, should you care to investigate wants to be a "bulky".  Indeed, the specifics on the label suggest working it with an 8.0 mm stick of choice.  

I have crocheted this bag with a 4.0 mm hook (aka G).   The resulting fabric is very tight and sturdy.   Also, one broken finger nail occurred as well as the consumption of four pain relieving tablets.  The result - - absolutely worth the effort.

I have decided to edge the entire bag with one row of single crochet.   Luckily, that auction last weekend re-supplied my stash of black!

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