Friday, April 8, 2011

Ready For A Change In The Weather

Mother Nature has fooled me once again.  It is cooler than a cucumber this Spring morning.  Down near cold if you ask me.

Rather than fretting over the thermometer, I shall keep my eye fixed on the calendar and declare that it is time to switch from wintery felted fibers to summery plant fibers.  A few hours of edging and sewing yesterday was all it took to complete my new Summer Time bag.  

The pattern is a freebie!   Let's hear it for manufacturers and publishers who offer up so much free information.   Check out Sugar N Cream for this Crochet Bag.  The link is here.

I did make a few modifications to the pattern.  First, owing to my total length, the length of the straps was shortened.  No surprise there!   As you can see in the photos, I edged the entire bag with a lovely black to match the button that was languishing in the button stash.  (Yes, I have a stash of buttons also.  Don't you?  How many different stashes do I have?  Don't ask and I won't tell!)

After much debate, I finally decided that this fabric is solid and sturdy enough that a lining is not required.  Oh, to be sure it would be nice to open this bag and find a bright pink or orange pop of color.  But in the end, simplicity and quick finish won out.

 Although not specified in the pattern, a pocket seemed appropriate.  And, for flexibility, this pocket is made from several rows of double crochet.  The hdc of the body would have been very firm and unyielding when I try to cram way too many little things into the pocket.

All in all, this was a very pleasing project.  The pattern (again, Thanks to Lily and Bernat for the freebie!)  is excellent as written and easy to adapt to specific needs of the end user.

What will you be toting this summer??

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