Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My New Best Friend

I have a new best friend and she is Jazzy!  

 Here she is.  In just a few short days - five to be exact - we are bonded as only girls can.    This is my first attempt at using a purse frame.  While the lining tidiness is not quite up to my normal standards for sewing in a lining, it is sufficient for a first attempt.

She is lined simply.  Although, I will admit that accomplishing my first ever acquaintance with such a frame whilst trying to simultaneously hide the edges in the frame and insert darling crystal beads to cover the outer holes was a task that needs some practice!  Tedious is putting it mildly!  An extra mug of caffeine and a full pint of water washed down with chocolate helped a little.  But only a little.

A few specifics:

"Best Friend"  by Kristin Goedert published on Knitty which is located here.

The yarn is not cashmere.  This is Jazz from Twisted Sisters and you might want to peruse the current color offerings on this page.    Jazz is 100% wool in a DK weight.  This purse is worked on a US 3 which makes for mighty finely defined cables.  Love it! 

My best friend is a usable five inches wide and almost six inches deep.  So far I have asked her to hang on to one phone, a jangly key chain, one folded bit it cash, panic card and proper ID.  Bless her, she did not even drop a stitch.  

However, truth be told, she did get a bit puffy around the middle.

We'll  be best buds for a long time.

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