Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Plate Runneth Over With Random Activity

Life is too busy to allow much time for putting thoughts down on this electronic paper.  Random bullet points are all that time permits:

A friend admired the completed Magnificent Mantle, so a new one is on the hook.  It will be gifted to the admirer.
 Same pattern, same yarn, same hook.  However, given her height relative to my lack there of, I am thinking that increasing the size slightly is appropriate.

Riverside City Police were grateful for the guild donation of Precious Pals.  Turns out, that if one looks over the entire cast of characters, it is possible to fine a bear dressed in purple and a bear dressed in gold so as to mimic a favorite LA team.

 But, I am southern - Louisiana Cajun southern and I prefer to think of this selection of purple and gold as leaning more toward LSU than the Lakers.  

Geaux Tigers!!

It rained.  In Riverside and environs.  In October!  Look at all the happy people dancing on the lawn.....Bother me tomorrow......

So many Aestlight shawls to admire!  This was a fun activity.  If your group has not looked over the possibilities, give it a whirl.  Discussing options and adaptations was quite fun.

 If you have worked this pattern, you know that it features a knit border that hits the point in a split manner - more like a swallow tail.  One intrepid knitter offset the border such that the point of the motif fell exactly in line with the point of the shawl.  Another played with yarn and gauge to make a much larger shawl suitable for wrapping up in.  And the colors!  Oh, my what unique colorations are used by free thinking knitters.

After staring at eight words of inspiration, I finally wrote an article that was due on October 1st.  In keeping that the whole southern background and point of view, I am partial to doing things on "Scarlett Time"

Oh, and lest I forget, there is this final tidbit.  Laundry is done for the week - almost.

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