Monday, October 18, 2010

Designer Hand Knits

Designer Hands Knits is officially and Grandly Opened!  You might recall that Linda retired and closed my beloved Knit 'N Stitch.  And with the large open retail space available, the dynamic Nancy decided to move her store into the vacated space.

After a few weeks of "making it her own" and finding the perfect location for each yarn, sample and gadget during a soft opening, Nancy was ready for the Grand Opening.  And it was grand.  Totally packed with shoppers, tasty food and beverage and - the real kicker - discounts for all. 

On top of all that Nancy offered, many labels that you know sent fantastic samples for gifting. 

A highlight of the day was this marvel. 

This is a cake!  Completely edible and absolutely amazing.  C-A-K-E.

I think that every camera in attendance snapped multiple photos of the cake.  There was definitely much Oooh-ing and AAhh-ing and jaw dropping.

And just to further prove that this is indeed a yarn store, look past the cake and check out the color organized special yarns and drool inducing books available for the purchasing.  Did I mention the word "discount?"

If you have a hankering to visit Riverside, check out Nancy's new location.  She will even let you fondle the merchandise.

6730 Brockton Ave (in the Arcade)
Riverside, CA 92506-3814

Maybe I'll see you there!

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  1. I'm so bummed that I missed this grand event! I kept calling and dropping in and signing up on lists to help with the move and never heard a word. I wish I had at least heard about his grand event! Oh well. I'll definitely make it over to see the new store soon though.