Thursday, October 14, 2010

Awe and Wonder

Yesterday the gift looked like this.

This morning - only one more row to go!

An interesting thing has happened in the making of this gift.  Actually, the amazement is what has not happened.  Nothing has gone awry.  Absolutely nothing.

Oh, sure yours truly has occasionally stopped to count rows, stitches or spaces at major points along the way.   But each time the counting occurs the number reached actually matches the number that should be reached.  Nothing is wrong.  

I choose to have faith that, because this is a surprise gift for someone who will truly be surprised,  the crochet goddess is guiding each movement of the hook - each yarn over - each chain space and thus paving an easy path to completion.  There can be no other explanation.

Because I am not perfect, I accept that I can not produce perfection.  Every thing I undertake has room for improvement.  I do not dwell in the land of "coulda, shoulda."  It is simply that I enjoy the making.  Flaws and all.  But this one shawl is working out perfectly.

Yes, one more row and this gift will be finished.  And I am dwelling in the land of guidance from above - be she the crochet goddess or other. . . .

Awe and wonder.

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  1. The colors are beautiful. (I won't jinx anything else.)