Saturday, October 23, 2010

Frills and Furbelows

Well, Cha Cha to you.  Look at this wonderment of frills and furbelows.  You are beholding  half of a scarf made from Trendsetter Yarns Cha-Cha.  Not so much a yarn as a ribbon edging with a thread connected along  the top, Cha-Cha might be relegated by some to the occasional flash of excitement on an otherwise plain bit of work.  

Nay!  Not necessary.  
I first saw a scarf made entirely from this ruffle making stuff a few weeks ago and bought a skein on the spot and signed up for a class.   Hints are needed to smooth out the usage of the stuff, but it is not as delicate as might first appear.  

Working with this  is a bit fiddly at first, but by picking across a row, it is possible to create all manner of added dimension.  Imagine this stuff  as embellishment on the top of a felted purse!  But why stop at restraint and modest usage when full bedecking is an option.  This is an instance when more is definitely more and maybe not quite enough.
Due to the "one way ruffling" this scarf is worked in two pieces and then joined in the middle.  This will result in mirror image ruffles that go down on both ends. 

Here is the stuff in very poor light.  Do notice that the bottom cast on edge has a natural flare.  I love the impact of this stuff.  It looks like massive amounts of effort and brain power are required.  But, in all honesty, all that is required is one skein and a few hours of work.

Next week, class continues and we will learn the trick involved in joining the two ends so that the seam is hidden amongst the frills.

A video from Barry Klein, he of Trendsetter Yarns, can be had on YouTube here.  Check it out and get your Cha-Cha on!

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