Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Odds Are With Us

Walking down the aisle of an airplane to discover someone already sitting in my assigned seat is not my favorite way to start a flight.  Even when that flight is at the end of a trip and home is on the horizon.  There is that awkward conversation of:

"Excuse me.  Have we been assigned the same seat?"

Person frantically checks boarding pass whilst I do the same.  Those numbers and letters are tricky sometimes.

"Oops.  Sorry about that.  Looks like I am the A seat by the window."

And the sweet gracious middle seat holder offers to slide over so that we all just shift and I am the last one in.  

OK - dodged another social situation due to women who have manners.  I was feeling so happy that my thoughts were expressed out loud for all to hear.  Sometimes this is not a good thing, but imagine my delight at the response to my muttered "OK, time to get out the knitting (insert sigh of relaxation)"  And my row neighbor, she of the A seat now the B seat, replied, "How did you know I knit?!"  And she reached down to bring up her stash busting ribbed scarf.

Oh happy day!  A knit mate for the next three hours.  We shared scarf admiration.   She was busy making one scarf out of the remains of two hats.  And I was making yet another no brain K2Tog scarf destined to be dyed later. 

The photo is dark, but I just want to show that real people - aka yarn lovers -  utilize that under seat storage for the balls of yarn when doing color work in a cramped space.   Naturally, my new knitting buddy and I enjoyed sharing limited work space whilst  expressing admiration for different knitting styles.  She learned from family in India about the same time I was learning from a book in Louisiana.  And you know what?  Knit is knit is knit. 

So there we are, enjoying the flight, when we glanced to the right to the far side of the plane wondering why someone was not dropping the shade and a rather eye blinding glare was entering the whole space.  

Look here.  Counted cross stitch by the light of the sky!  On our row, just across the aisle.

Now I ask you.  What are the odds?  One row.  Six seats.  Two knitters and one cross stitcher.

If math serves me correct that is 50%  hand art,  non battery, non energy hogging productive activity.  The sample size of six might be small, but we are taking over this whole green technology thing! 

PS  If you want the K2Tog pattern, look to the left sidebar for link to my public page.  All my free patterns are there for the using.  


  1. I think the odds of seeing someone else knitting (or doing any hand craft) in any public space are usually pretty slim. So, I think you hit the jackpot that day! How fun! :-)

  2. I'm impressed by the multiples of hand-crafts, but truly delighted by everyone's manners!